Class 3/4S

Welcome to Class 3/4S!

We look forward to working with you and your child on their journey of life-long learning.


Class Teacher: Mrs Lambert

LSA: Mrs Graham (works every morning), Miss Barnard (1:1) and Ms Hirst (1:1)

PPA Cover: Mrs Anderson (Monday afternoon)


This half term in Maths, the children will continue to develop their work on fractions and work on their understanding of decimals. Each week they will have a focused number lesson where they will revisit and extend place value and number knowledge.

In English, the children will be carry out their narrative work based on the text the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will work on exploring the description used by the author to support our own descriptive work. We will work on rewriting a chapter of the story, considering a few elements that we will change to make it our own. We will use this text within our guided reading sessions. As well as working on some non-fiction-based texts. Throughout guided reading sessions we will explore the texts through discussion as a class and then answering a range of questions.

Our topic is Tudors – we will explore this period of time within history. In Summer Term 1 we will answer the question ‘Who are the Tudors?’. We will use a range of resources to explore key dates and people within this time period. Our school trip to Kentwell will support this learning. In Summer Term 2 we will answer the question ‘Why did the Tudors set sail?’. We will use a range of maps, including digital mapping to consider routes the Tudors may have taken upon their explorations. We will develop our skills and enjoy lessons in Music, RE, PSHE, PE and Computing and French.


Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in on the following Thursday, when it will be marked.

Homework will consist of:

· An alternative Maths focused activity and then reading comprehension.

· Spellings – Children will be given spellings to learn at home based on their ability and will work on these and age-related spellings in class

· Reading – The children will always be asked to read with an adult at least 3 times a week and for their adult to sign their reading record. This will support our raffle ticket system where each time they read a raffle ticket will go in for a draw at the end of the week 2 tickets are picked out to receive a prize.

We would encourage children to work on their times tables. They will be tested on a Monday within their focused number lesson.

Other Information

Behaviour: To develop our team work ethic the children will work together to earn a treat on the completion of our class CARE chart. To do this the children will be identified demonstrating CARE: Collaboration, Aspiration, Resilience or Enjoyment.

Communication: You’re welcome to come and see me if you have any questions at the end of a school day or write a message within the reading record which is checked on a daily basis.

P.E: P.E lessons will be on a Monday and Thursday.

Please ensure your child has a full P.E kit in school – including jogging bottoms and a jumper which will be essential as the weather is colder during these months.

Children are not to wear earrings during P.E lessons and long hair should be tied back.

Please ensure your child has their own snack for break and have their own drink bottle in school, separate from their lunch. These will be stored in the classroom. The children will have opportunities during the day to re fill these and drink bottles can also be taken outside at break, lunch and during PE. In doing this it ensures that none of our precious learning time is wasted.





We have settled into the routines of 3/4S and identified ways to support our learning throughout the year.

We have enjoyed learning within different subjects. In our PE lessons with Mr B we explored how we could use different apparatus.





We have continued to enjoy our PE lessons and used one to explore the school value of collaboration. We had to work with others effectively to reach a goal.





We have continued our work on our theme of ‘Going Places’. To support our learning, we visited Stansted Aerozone Education Centre. There we watched a film about the airport, had a talk from an EasyJet pilot, completed a range of activities including dressing up to show the different professions of the airport. We were also lucky to watch some plans take off and land from the viewing platform.






Throughout December we took part in a range of activities to celebrate Christmas. We all enjoyed going to the local church for a KS2 Carol Service. We also celebrated within our class by having our Christmas party. The photos show us decorating biscuits with a winter theme, as well as, playing some dance based games.




We have started the new year by working on our basketball skills within our PE lessons with our sport coach Mr B. We have developed ways of dribbling the ball as well as, passing to each other. We worked upon our skills and worked towards mini games against each other.




This month we have worked with 3L on our SMART Thinking. This is a guided programme which gets us to think about how to deal with different scenarios. We have to consider what consequences may occur due to the choices we make. We also have time to consider the feelings of the people involved. In groups we acted out different scenarios and then discussed how the scenario could be solved by making different choices.


We have also worked with 3L on some performance poetry. When performing we can to consider the volume of our voice and what actions we may include.



We started the first day of March by enjoying sometime outside in the snow!







We have enjoyed dressing up as part of World Book Day! It appears Harry Potter was a popular choice. We enjoyed a special reading assembly, as well as, discussing our choice of dress up within class. During our English lesson we took part in a competition to design a book token which has been sponsored by National Book Tokens.





Once a week children from 3/4S visit the Reception children within our school, as part of our Reading Buddies scheme. This is a great way for both sets of children to practice reading and encourage confidence and reading for pleasure. Here are a few photos from a recent session:





Below is a link to some helpful ideas about how you can encourage your children with reading comprehension:

Reading Question Prompts