School Aims

In our school we believe that:

Our children should be:

  • appreciative of social and moral responsibilities towards themselves, others and their environment
  • independent learners who have the ability to question, challenge, and engage in problem solving
  • open minded, value diversity, creative and imaginative
  • optimistic and have a positive self-image
  • equipped to pursue ongoing  learning and harbour the curiosity and facility to embrace future challenges

School Child with WorkSchool Child Showing Work

The curriculum should:

  • be broad and balanced, offering opportunities for skill building in problem solving, independent thinking and questioning
  • be organised to ensure that learning is a continuous and progressive process
  • provide experiences of other cultures and spiritual and moral issues
  • taught  through first hand experience, active discovery, drama, role-play, games and speaking and listening
  • encompass PSHE, citizenship and an awareness of  global issues and perspectives
  • ICT should be implicit in all areas of the curriculum

Children Dressed UpChildren Working

All adults in school should:

  • have a positive attitude towards children and  pass on an optimistic overview of life
  • acknowledge and value all children’s experiences and backgrounds in order to build upon a wide range of skills
  • ensure that opportunities are equal for all children
  • show how to co-operate, collaborate and listen to enhance the enjoyment of learning
  • demonstrate by modelling that we as teachers have the confidence to be honest that we do not know all the answers – we cannot be experts on everything
  • plan to include a range of teaching styles giving opportunities for co-operation, collaboration, listening, questioning and independent learning to develop- the children into life long learners

Children in ClassroomChildren Working Outside