School Council


Our School Council has been established for many years and plays an active part in running elements of our school. This September children had the opportunity to persuade members of their class as to why they should be the school council representative.

We then casted our vote.



School Council:

1H: Ernie

1/2AE: Leo

2G: Emma

3L: Maya

3/4S: Katie

4/5W: Izzy

5/6MH: Poppy

5/6LH: Amber

School Council Lead: Mrs Lambert

School Council Governor Representative: Mrs Webb


School Council meet on a regular basis to discuss school and community issues. If you have anything you think should be discussed at one of our meetings, please speak to your class representative.

Latest News:

September: Votes were cast, and the results were announced in Celebration assembly.

October: School Council were invited to attend a Governors meeting to discuss elements of our school becoming an academy.

November: School council have chosen the theme of spots! To celebrate the work of the Children In Need charity – we are looking forward to seeing what people wear.