uniformAt our school we aim for high standards in learning and behaviour. We believe that school uniform and appearance have an important part to play in this, and in promoting the right attitudes in our pupils. In an increasingly image conscious world we are keen to preserve the idea of childhood and for our children not to become “too old too young”. We also want to ensure that children are safe in undertaking the wide range of activities we do in school. We hope that all parents will  support us in this.

Uniform includes:

• Red sweatshirts
• Red cardigans
• White Polo shirts
• White shirts or white blouses
• Grey trousers or shorts
• Gingham skirts  / dresses
• (Hats or school caps are also needed in hot sunny weather)

Footwear: Appropriate black shoes (no white trainers);  please avoid “chunky” shoes with excessively high heels.


Each class has 1 hour outside and 1 hour inside P.E. a week and we need to ensure that the children are properly dressed for this. Please check that your child has in school:-

  • Red Shorts
  • White T-shirt – preferably with red Rayne logo available from School Trends supplier
  • Plimsolls or trainers (with laces if they have them) – correctly fitting
  • Socks – the girls can not wear their tights.

Outdoor and athletic activities:-

  • Grey tracksuit, including trousers and a jumper
  • White T-shirt – preferably with red Rayne logo available from School Trends supplier
  • Outdoor trainers with gripping soles. (Carrier bag to put these in if they get muddy)
  • Socks

No children are allowed to wear jewellery for P.E. lessons. Children who have their ears pierced are not allowed to wear earrings for P.E. and should either not wear them to school that day, or be able to remove them themselves. Staff are not allowed to help children remove earrings. For Health and Safety reasons, children are no longer allowed to have their earrings taped for P.E. lessons, as the back of stud earrings can still pierce the tape. If children would like to have their ears pierced we ask that they try and wait for the school summer holidays to have this done. (All these requirements are stated by Government Policy and we as a school appreciate your full support).

Dependent on the class and the activities they are doing each term, many of the children’s P.E. lessons will take place on the field as it is much larger than the playground and better suited to the lesson. If the class teacher feels that the field is safer for the context of the lesson the children will go on there. This may mean that the children’s kit gets muddy. On days such as this the teachers will recommend to the children that they should take their kits home to be washed.

Uniform can now be purchased directly from School Trends by following the links below:-

From Reception to Year 6


For our Nursery School