As you may remember, a letter was sent out at the end of last term informing you that our school is going to be celebrating European Languages Day this year. Due to a very busy and exciting school diary, we have had to alter the date of our celebrations so that we will now be marking this special event on TUESDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER 2018, not Wednesday 26th September 2018.

Each class will be learning about a particular European country during the day and the teachers are preparing exciting activities for the children that relate to their country. As part of the day, we would like all the children to come dressed in the colours of their European country’s flag (No school uniform necessary).

Please see below a list of classes with the colours of each flag for your information.

APPLE CLASS (Miss Thomas)

European Union (blue and yellow)

OAK CLASS (Mrs White)

Poland (red and white)

MAPLE CLASS (Miss Fletcher)

France (red, white and blue)

WILLOW CLASS (Miss Gregory)

Italy (red, white and green)

ELM CLASS (Mrs Laban)

Portugal (red, green, yellow, blue and white)

BEECH CLASS (Mrs Lambert)

Czech Republic (red, white and blue)

PINE CLASS (Miss Wood)
Greece (blue and white)

HAZEL CLASS (Miss Fairhurst)
Germany (black, red and yellow)

CHESTNUT CLASS (Miss Hutchings)
Spain (yellow and red)

During the day your child may be offered the opportunity to taste new and exciting foods. To ensure that we keep children as safe as possible, please ensure your child’s dietary information is updated and returned to the office. Additionally, your child’s class teacher will be sending home a short note to inform you of the foods that your child will be able to taste. Please let them know if your child will not be able to take part in the tastings.

We are still looking for native speakers of European language to visit the school on the day to share their language with the children. If you can help us, please let the office know.

Many thanks in advance for your support in making this a memorable day for the children at our school.