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Educational Visits

Children at Rayne Primary and Nursery School are given the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. We believe that these educational visits enhance the school curriculum.

Below are some of the activites the children have participated in.

Y3 Romans

Year 3 had an amazing day at Colchester Castle.  They began by exploring the galleries, searching for artefacts and clues to help answer questions about the past.

Children found a bust of Claudius, held roman shields, built Celtic round houses or a roman villa and visited the castle vaults.




Y4 Victorians

Y4 were so excited for our Victorian Day.  We came in dressed up as Victorians and started off our experience by putting ourselves in the shoes of rich and poor Victorians.  First, we pretended to be children in the workhouse and re-enacted their living and sleeping conditions. We had to get into a tight, closed circle to keep the heat in. Living close together meant illnesses spread quickly amongst the Victorian children.  Then, we created scenes from a Victorian house, with rich Victorians, servants, cooks and maids.  After that, we focused on schools in Victorian London, looking at how the teacher would command children, especially in PE! Some of us pretended to be the teacher and had fun calling different PE commands and sending children to the Headteacher's office to wear the 'dunce' hat. 








Y4 - London

In October, year 4 embarked on their trip to London Transport Museum. Firstly, I would like to say wow! Well done year 4s. You were all amazing, showing excellent behaviour and safety skills which we had spoken about during class and were all engaged during the museum trip.

We started our travels by meeting at Braintree station. Due to some technical errors on the train, we got to participate in a Mrs Pyne Quiz Special to test our knowledge of London. On the train into London, we noticed lots of buildings recognised from our London topic such as the Shard and the Gherkin! The children enjoyed visiting London Liverpool Street and going on the escalators down to the tube station. They all listened to their adults carefully and always stayed with them!

At the London Transport Museum, we looked at different eras of transportation. The children even got to go inside an old tube carriage! We noticed the difference between the one we had just been on and the one in the museum. We enjoyed learning about how the underground was made and even what artefacts they found when digging it out with a shovel!

Colchester Castle tripLondon 23

Sports Championship

In October, the children had the pleasure of meeting Commonwealth Gold Medallist, Courtney Tulloch. He shared with them the highs and lows of his career, and even let some of the children hold a few of his favourite medals. After this, all the children completed a range of fitness activities. In total, £683.50 was raised towards Sports Champions and we are looking forward to buying some new PE equipment with our share. Many thanks again to all those that raised sponsorship money.


Year 5 - Art

Year 5 have been looking at how art has been used within the Christian faith and how over time the art has changed. To support the children's learning, we visited All Saints Church, Rayne. Children had the opportunity to explore the church building and identify different examples of artwork. They could sketch, as well as take notes from what they had seen. On hand was Roman from the church to answer any questions we had and give a little further information about some of the art we saw. The class were highly engaged in their visit and Roman commented upon how well the children had conducted themselves. Super Shakespeare Class!

Courtney Tulloch - sports championship 23Y5 Art - 23

Year 6 Residential

In October 2023, the Year 6 children enjoyed a trip to Bawdsey Manor in Norfolk.





Reception - Mobile zoo visit

In July, we had a Mobile Zoo visit Early Years to finish off our topic on Animals. The children could look at a range of animals, such as a bull frog and tarantula and could pet some of them, such as a meerkat and bearded dragon. The children were very brave and some of them had a snake put round their necks like a scarf. The children’s knowledge about animals was amazing and they really impressed us with how calm and responsible they were with the animals around. Jungle James (the Zoo Keeper) commented on how well behaved and knowledgeable all of the children were. What a great way to finish the end of our Animal topic!

Residential 23Mobile zoo 23
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