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Educational Visits

Children at Rayne Primary and Nursery School are given the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. We believe that these educational visits enhance the school curriculum.

Below are some of the activites the children have participated in.

KS1 Village Walk

Maple and Willow classes enjoyed a village walk recently as part of their topic "What can I find in Rayne?". The children enjoyed a long walk in the warm sunshine, exploring our pretty Essex village. They were tasked with spotting the local landmarks with their clipboards, including the Booking Hall Cafe, the Flitch Way, Rayne Post Office, Rayne Church, the village hall, local woods and much more.

The children had fun spotting local wildlife and Maple class even got to see a real-life tractor in motion!

Our thanks to the staff who volunteered to accompany the children and to the KS1 team for arranging the experience.

Some photos of the visit are featured below:

KS2 Planetarium Visit

All KS2 children from Elm, Beech, Pine, Hazel & Chestnut enjoyed a visit from a pop-up planetarium Auriga Star Dome recently, as part of their Space topic this term. They were so excited to experience an onsite visit, after not having the opportunity for many trips and experiences in the last year.

Each class visited the planetarium separately and sat inside looking up, to learn from the narrator about the wonders of space and the solar system. They had a wonderful time and were full of facts about everything from the moon to the smallest planet, what the environment is like on each planet and much more.

We thank all of the parents for contributing to the cost of the experience and to the KS2 staff team for making it possible.

Year 6 Residential

In October 2021, the Year 6 children enjoyed a trip to the Windmill Hill adventure centre in the Sussex Downs.

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