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School Staff 2020/2021

Chair of Governors

Mr. Doy

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Hasmujaj

Executive Head

Mrs. Edom-Baker

Head Teacher

Mrs. Keeling

Assistant Head 
Assistant Head

Miss Fletcher
Mrs. White

SENCO Assistant

Mrs Allen
Mrs. A Turner

Finance Assistant

Office & Personal Assistant

Mrs. Fairhurst

Mrs. Hope


Mrs. Falco

Site Manager

Mr. Heckroodt

Nursery - Apple Class

Ms. Quiles (Maternity Cover)

Miss Thomas (Teacher)

Mrs. Overall (Nursery Nurse)


Reception - Oak Class

Miss Winterbone (Teacher)

Mrs. Turner (LSA)

Miss Barnard (LSA)

Mrs. Mills (SEN)

Year 1 - Willow Class

Miss Phillips (Teacher)

Mrs. Mills (LSA)

Years 2 - Maple Class

Mrs. White (Teacher)

Mrs. Anderson (Teacher)

Mrs. Christian (LSA)

Year 3 - Elm Class

Miss Gregory (Teacher)

Mrs. Graham (LSA)

Mrs. Burden (SEN) 

Mrs. Knauer (SEN)

Year 4 - Beech Class

Miss Hume (Teacher)

Mrs. Lambert (Teacher)

Mrs. Millbank (LSA)

Mrs. Johnson (SEN)

Years 4/5 - Pine Class

Mr. Roberts (Teacher)

Mrs. Kind (Teacher)

Mrs. Sparrow (LSA)


Years 5/6 - Hazel Class

Mrs. Gilbert (Teacher)             

Mrs. Wootton (LSA)

Mrs. Bhullar (SEN)

Year 6 - Chestnut Class

Miss Easteal (Teacher)

Mrs Clayden (LSA)


Sports Coach

Mr. Cannon

Catering Staff

Mrs. Hayden

Mrs. Moore

Midday Staff

Mrs. Mills

Mrs. Meadows

Mrs. Strzelecki

Mrs. Turner

Miss Bright

Mrs. Johnson 

Mrs. Burden

Mrs. Christian

Mrs. Priestland 

Miss Roberts (Relief)

Site Staff

Mr. Heckroodt (Site Manager)

Mrs. Sainsbury (Cleaner)

Mrs. Hodges (Cleaner)

Mrs. Crowson (Cleaner)


Mrs. Brignull

Mrs. Clayden

Mrs. Millbank

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