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Governor Introduction

Whilst we have Trustees for Attain Academy Trust who are accountable for all of the academy's policies, standards and efficiency, we also have a Local Governing Board to which some responsibilities are delegated specifically for Rayne Primary and Nursery School.

The Local Governing Board work together with the head teacher and staff to support school development and to hold them to account for the overall effectiveness of the school. They support the school to ensure all children get the best possible education to which they are entitled.

Among the things the Governing Body do are:

  • Agree the aims and values of the school
  • Make sure a broad and balanced curriculum is taught
  • Help to develop and monitor School Improvement Plans
  • Monitor and review the school’s progress – acting as “critical friends”
  • Support recruitment and selection of staff
  • Participate in the inspection of the school and draw up an action plan in response to the inspection report
  • Agree policies relating to the aims, purposes and practices of the school
  • Ensure targets are set for pupils’ achievement
  • Approve and monitor the allocation and expenditure of the school budget
  • Ensure individual pupils needs are met, including special needs
  • Understand and support the day-to-day operational decisions taken by the head teacher

To be effective, Governors need to really “know” the school – to have an accurate understanding of what is done well and what could be done even better. To do this they attend meetings, visit the school to monitor what is happening, consider a range of data and information about the achievements of children, seek the views of parents and children and receive reports from the headteacher and other staff including subject leaders. Governors are involved in discussing the priorities for future development and agree these as part of their half termly local governing body meetings. Governors attend training courses and receive information so that they are aware of developments in education and changes in the law which affect schools.

The Local Governing Body is made up of representatives from the school staff, local education authority and parents. Other members of the community can also be co-opted because they have relevant skills and experience.  All have an interest in, and a commitment to, our children’s education.


Our Governors:


Mr. Don Smith

  • Chair of the Local Governing Body
  • Trust Governor
  • Term End Date 03/07/2021


Mrs. Michelle Keeling

  • Head Teacher

Mrs. Carolyn White

  • Assistant Head Teacher
  • Staff Governor
  • Term End Date 26/01/2021

Mrs. Tina Weavers

  • Clerk

Mrs. Victoria Goodman

  • Parent Governor
  • Term End Date 20/09/2021

Mrs. Zoe Webb

  • Trust Governor
  • Term End Date 25/09/2021

Mrs. Jenny Logde

  • Parent Governor
  • Term End Date 09/05/2022

Mrs. Sandra Way

  • Trust Governor
  • Term End Date 24/09/2022

Mr. Alan Preston

  • Trust Governor
  • Term End Date 1/05/2023


Previous Governors:


Mrs. Sandi Merifield

  • Vice Chair of the Local Governing Body 
  • Trust Governor
  • Resigned June 2019

Mrs. Mary Clements

  • Trust Governor
  • Resigned August 2019
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